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Delivering your vision to life

Collaboration lies at the heart of our ethos to make sure we deliver your vision to life. Have helped out our friends bring the goods into their business Migrant Coffee , Telleish Hair, The Do Salon and Mama West, among others. Our gift is our ability to seamlessly merge nature with diverse spaces and styles.

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Darlene has been an important part of the Migrant family since we opened in 2019. What could have been a simple exchange of advice and plants has grown into a consultancy and care for the energy in our space that is integral to our team, community and business. Darlene’s understanding of styling combined with an almost conversational understanding of plants means we have perfectly placed and happy greenery that softens our minimal design and brings the layout together.

We’re proud to collaborate with Darlene and it’s always a moment when she drops in with her beautiful girls. As the plants she has curated for us have grown so has our community, and thankfully as a result - our business.

Melo MalazarteOwner and Co-Founder

I’m often told that the essence of a place isn’t just in its physical appearance but in its soul. Our salon has always been more than a space - it’s a sanctuary, a respite. It was Tahanan, who breathed life into our oasis with her gentle touch, elevating it with lush greenery, each plant meticulously cared for, each leaf a testament to her dedication. Her touch isn’t just that of a plant caretaker, but of an artist. She has this innate ability to create spaces that nurture both the body and the soul. Without her contribution to MW, the ambiance, the spirit, and the magic we feel every day would simply not exist.

Her vision and passion have transformed our salon, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Sheridan ShawOwner and Founder


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