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Visit our store 1 Commercial St. Maidstone Open Thursday – Sunday 10am-3pm

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Introducing a Tranquil Haven for Creativity and Collaboration



Neutral Elegance: Step into a world of understated elegance where the neutral tones and thoughtful interior design provide a soothing backdrop for your ideas to flourish.

Separate Entrance: Your privacy and convenience are paramount. Enjoy a separate entrance that allows you to come and go freely without disturbances.

Outdoor Bathroom: Connect with nature even while tending to practical needs. Our thoughtfully designed outdoor bathroom blends functionality with an outdoor experience, enhancing your visit.

Who's Welcome:

🎨 Creatives: Whether you're an artist, writer, or designer, our studio space offers a blank canvas for your imagination to run wild. Let the surroundings fuel your creativity.

🧘 Practitioners: Perfect for yoga instructors, meditation guides, and wellness practitioners. The tranquil setting provides a harmonious space to guide others on their wellness journeys.

📚 Educators: Teachers, tutors, and workshop facilitators will appreciate the peaceful atmosphere that fosters focused learning and meaningful interactions.

Why Choose Our Studio:

🌟 Inspiring Ambiance: The carefully curated atmosphere fosters inspiration and concentration, making it an ideal place for deep work, reflection, or exploration.

🌟 Natural Connection: Embrace the rejuvenating energy of the outdoors. The outdoor bathroom encourages a seamless connection with nature, enhancing your overall experience.

🌟 Versatile Space: With its adaptable layout and serene backdrop, this studio can be transformed to suit various needs, from intimate one-on-one sessions to group workshops.

🌟 Community Hub: Join a community of like-minded individuals who value creativity, growth, and collaboration. Connect, learn, and thrive together.

Embark on your creative journey, host engaging sessions, or find solace in a space designed to nurture your passions. Book your time at our studio and unlock the potential of a tranquil, neutral haven.

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